Emma Roberts seen breaking down in tears with fiance Evan Peters after attending FOX’s Cocktail Party during 2014 Comic Con around 3AM in the morning at the Omni Hotel. Emma appears to be feuding with Evan as he tries to calm her down along with a female companion with security guards trying shield the encounter. 7/27

How do you cope? I go home and I watch, like, Cartoon Network. No, I have no idea. I go home. I’m so scared. I sleep with all the lights on. I keep on the lights in the bathroom downstairs, the lights in my bedroom. I know, I know it’s lame, but guys, I’m scared. What am I supposed to do?

“This year it’s gonna be called Freak Show”


yes please

“I think they’re both incredibly emotional actors.” - Jessica Lange

Zoe the ZombieKiller

It’s a terrible love and I’m walking with spiders
It’s a terrible love and I’m walkin’ in