Jessica Lange’s characters and their back stories.

Well, it’s the chance to do it again. That thing if your children are grown now. It’s a kind of I think in the perfect order of nature. You have your children, you raise them, and just as they’re on that brink of leaving, then the next generation comes along and you’ve got this possibility of doing it again. So yeah, I think they are the redemptive force in nature.

Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott & Connie Britton 
American Horror Story press conference (2011)

American Horror Story (2011-present)
Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk 


Also apparently Christopher Neiman is playing a character named Salty in Freak Show? (according to IMDb, not sure if that’s entirely true)

So we might have Salty and Pepper…

You swore you were gonna take down Briarcliff. Expose it to the world. You were gonna be a reporter. Not a cheap celebrity.

AHS: Asylum (2ATS12 - Continuum)